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- Aina family & Agbede Omolaye Estate

Join us on an emotional journey as we visit the Aina family to see how life has improved for them since appearing on season 3.
Agbede Omolaye Estate has no access to proper medical facilities and members of the community are dying from ailments that can be easily treated.
The community has come together to make a bungalow available to build a clinic, but does not have funds to equip the clinic.
Join us on an emotional journey as we meet members of the community that have lost loved ones when their lives could easily have been saved if there was a clinic nearby.

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  1. I just have only a word to say, since you people came out with such a wonderful program of helping the less privileged, I pray that the Almighty God will never keep his eyes off this institute, this institute will continue progressing till you will be called progressive Union.

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